June 11, 2011

Wisdom from my past...

In an effort to remind myself who I truly am, I have decided to repost my two favorite pieces from the early days of this blog... "I want" and "I will"


I want...

I want to paint. and sculpt. and glue tiny things together to make not as tiny things. I want to sew and stitch and embroider and make big pictures out of teeny tiny X's. I want to ART my way through the day. I want to make a little quilt with so much stuff on it, you can hardly see the fabric. I want to make fun jewelry and embellish clothes to wear. I want free time to do these things all day, every day.

And then, I want to write about it.

I will dye my hair hot pink and live in an RV. I will stitch and write and paint and sell my work to support myself. I will travel to Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico and meet other artists and free spirits.

I will paint my RV in wild colors and people will watch me roll by and wish they were as free as me...

And I will share with them my secrets.

Sometimes it's nice to have it in black and white. I feel better already.

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