July 9, 2012

I Am Awesome Because:

1. I am ME. I am REAL. Always.

2. I truly LOVE people. All of them!

3. I am fun, funny, outgoing, and light-hearted most of the time.

4. I think for myself.

5. I dream BIG.

6. I live out loud, and jump in with both feet!

7. I love fully and without reservation.

8. I am loyal. (Sometimes to a fault!)

9. I am quirky and I embrace my inner Wacky and wear it proudly, for all the world to see. :-)

10. I am not afraid to fail.

11. I am not afraid to admit I am wrong when I really believe it.

12. People love me so much, they Marry me! LOL

13. My kids think I am the coolest Mom EVER, and their friends do, too!

14. Most days it doesn't bother me that a lot of people don't know how smart I really am.

15. I am really simple AND quite complex.

She's Just Jodi
and she likes to make stuff...

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