September 16, 2012

Peace for the journey

I got my haircut this week. I look like myself again. It always amazes me how I just get lost sometimes, and something as simple as a haircut snaps me right back on course. :-)

My journey is still changing every day. Today I realize that nothing is "settled". I am simply learning to be happy in this flow at the moment.

Lots of things in my life are still in motion, leading me in unknown directions. Relationship dynamics are changing, my living arrangement has changed, and my routine is lost for good.

Apparently, this is good for me. I tend to get stagnant in my spirit when I don't have motion on my path. I am consumed with new ideas to let out in an artistic medium, and my studio is ready and waiting.

There will be time in my near future, and I will use it wisely. My struggle today is choosing a medium for the image most clearly focused in my mind's eye. I am seeing three dimensions, but I cannot find the base. Is it fabric? Canvas? Wood?

I can feel this image in my cells and it will show me how to free it from my soul when the time is right. I will trust and let go. The little girl will appear as she pleases.

In the meantime, I am happy. In a calm, present way... I have peace. I am in flux, my path is evolving, and tomorrow is unknown. Even so, I have a peace beyond understanding that everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to.

Drink water.
Get sleep.
Trust in your journey.


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