April 16, 2013


Sometimes your Spirit speaks to you. You get out of the car on a windy night, and as the breeze swirls around you, you get a gut feeling that this moment is important. This moment is the calm before the storm. This moment is "Before".

My mother and my friend left me voice mails: "Turn on the news!" It reminded me of 9/11 when I woke up and called my son. He said "Mom! Turn on the news!"

Every event has markers. Fingerprints left behind that leave unmistakable clues behind as to motive, perpetrator, etc. already there are clear signs that this was a planned false flag. People who have not studied this will not even understand. Most people have never even heard the term.

Over and over throughout History, there have been false flags. Hitler's Reichstag, the Gulf of Tonkin... Even Nero had them. It takes a simple bit of research to understand this Truth.

But there will be many sheep bleating their ignorance in the days to come. So many will jump on the bandwagons and call out for the victims, never once demanding the truth of an investigation regarding the Who, and How, and Why.

I walked into the house after doing some research and I told my children that they should enjoy every day we have left of our Freedom.

"Before" is almost over ~

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