May 24, 2013

I need a change

I am disgusted.

With my government,
With some of my family and friends
(who are supposed to be educated thinking people),
With my surroundings,
With my place in life...

It's time to make a change.

I took a trip.
It was amazing.
I came home refreshed and renewed.

And it only took two weeks to remind me why I needed the vacation so badly.

I live in a tyrranical police state, with cameras following me on every corner, or every tenth of a mile on the highway. Not that it matters anyway, because the government openly admitted to tapping every phone, reading every communication, and tracking our every movement.

But I should trust a government that kills Americans in an effort to create fear so big that we beg them to strong arm us further, under the guise of "Security".

Still,  my dad says "Nazi Germany could never happen here."
WAKE UP, Dad. It already has.

My closest friends are as disgusted as I am, and quite frankly, I no longer want to communicate with anyone dumb enough not to see or care what is really going on.

I am sick of it all.

Then I have my mother telling me how messed up my life is. HAHAHAHA
Yes, because hers is a shining example of happiness and harmony. Of course.

So, yeah, its time for a change...

Now I just need to decide exactly what that change will be....

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